Benefits of Apples For Health

Apple , fruit dominant round green and red are not only delicious eaten , but also have various properties and benefits that not all people know . If you fall into it , then this article will further open your insight on the benefits of our regular apple consumption .

Benefits 1 > Treating even prevent cancer
've Done a research and case studies that as many as 10,000 participants . Of these , the committee asked them to consume apples , but the number and doses are different from each other . This activity gives the results of the survey , that the participants who ate the most apples had a much smaller chance of getting cancer .

Research is still being developed to determine what exactly is causing it to happen , is it because of the content of antioxidants in apples such as flavonoids and quercetin , or there are other things that make it happen .

Benefit 2 : Treating Diabetes
Although an apple has a sweet taste , but it turns out it can effectively neutralize and control blood sugar levels that we have. People who are accustomed to eating an apple will have a smaller chance of developing diabetes .

Benefit 3 > Smooth Digestion
Apple has special fibers shown to help aid digestion . With regular consume , the colon will be helped in doing digestion , and various gastrointestinal diseases and the risk of weight gain can be avoided .

Benefit 4 > Protect Brain From Free Radicals
Alzheimer's disease is one disease that attacks the brain caused by a variety of free radical attack . By eating an apple , free radicals can be blocked so as not to invade the brain . This has been proven through studies conducted at Cornell University .

5 Benefits > Strengthens And Adds Body Stamina

The next benefit is apples can help restore your stamina and strengthen the body . Content of enzymes and potassium contained in apple into the cause . By eating apples on a regular basis will make your stamina is always awake .
Benefit 6 > Healthy Skin From Within
Various efforts certainly we do to protect our skin in order to maintain their health . Such efforts will be maximized if we help with the effort from inside . One way is to get used to eating apples . The anti -oxidants and vitamin E in it , to rejuvenate the skin .

Thus some of the health benefits of apples . Let's make it a habit to consume in order to better the quality of our health .


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